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Representative Tram Nguyen on the record

In just the last session Tram Nguyen opposed multiple measures that would have lowered property tax burdens on senior citizens, given relief from skyrocketing fuel costs for farmers and commuters, and increasing transparency in our government.  She did wholeheartedly supporting giving divers licenses to illegal aliens however.

Tram Nguyen Sponsored the Legislation to Give Licenses to Illegal Aliens
Tram Nguyen was an original petitioner and co-sponsor of legislation to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses.  She both voted for the bill and to over-ride Governor Baker’s Veto.

Tram Nguyen Voted Against Commuters in Her District
Tram Nguyen voted to Not suspend gas taxes for 60 Days when prices were skyrocketing, hurting those commuters in the car dependent communities she allegedly represents.
(Amendment 1474 to H.4700)

Tram Nguyen Voted Against Farmers in Her District
Tram Nguyen voted against helping the community farmers in her district.  Tram voted against giving Farmers a rebate on fuel taxes paid for farm equipment which would have went from 7/1/2022-12/31/2022 at a time when historically high fuel prices were severely impacting our local farmers.
(Amendment 465 to H4700)

Tram Nguyen Voted Against the Senior Citizens In Her District
Tram Nguyen voted against increasing the cap on Real Estate Tax credits for Senior Citizens which would allow them to continue to live more affordably in their homes.
(Amendment 470 to H4700)

Tram Nguyen Consistently Voted Against Government Transparency

Tram Nguyen voted against making committees more transparent
Amendment 8 to H.68

Tram Nguyen voted against transparency in Spending
Amendment 6 to H.68

Tram Nguyen voted against legislation preventing committee reports to be issued after 5PM and requiring 72 hours to review before a vote is taken.
Amendment 11 to H.68

Tram Nguyen voted against requiring two hours for Committees to review a bill before voting
Amendment 9 to H3930

Tram Nguyen voted against requiring public committee votes and requiring posting committee votes online
Amendments 12 & 16 to H.3930

Tram Nguyen voted against requiring all bills to be available to all legislators and the public 48 hours before consideration
Amendment 3 to H.3930

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